therapy-roomWhat to expect from and how to prepare for appointments

During an appointment:

Please wear loose fitting clothing to allow for ease of movement during a session.

An initial appointment will last up to 1½ hours. This will include a thorough intake and postural assessment, time on the table, and exercise and lifestyle recommendations. Follow-up sessions are generally about an hour. If you would like to fill out your intake form before your appointment, you can download it here. personal-health-information

The techniques that are primarily used on the table are Muscle Energy Technique (which is an assisted form of stretching) and Strain Counterstrain (which involves putting a muscle into a slackened position for 60-120 seconds). Neither of these techniques should be painful, and often involve verbal feedback from you to ensure that they remain pain free. Any feedback from you is encouraged throughout the session, because it is very helpful in fine tuning the treatment.

After an appointment:

Please be sure to drink enough water. Opening up muscles can dump cellular waste into the bloodstream, and keeping well hydrated will help to flush the toxins efficiently from your system. You may feel sore, achy, or have a headache for a while after a session, as the waste products are being flushed and your body is adjusting to its new state of balance. Your center of balance may have shifted, so be aware that for a brief time following the session you may not be as steady on your feet. Or more likely than not, you will simply experience less pain and a greater range of motion in your body.

While you may experience immediate long-lasting relief from one session, usually what is causing the pain is the way you are using your body. In order to remain pain-free, you must become an active participant in your own healing process. Often a wellness plan with a few simple exercises and stretches along with changing contributing habits or improving the workspace is all that is needed.

Follow-up sessions are recommended if you are dealing with an acute condition, so progress can be monitored and exercises adjusted until sufficient progress has been made. Some people also find it helpful to come back for regular “tune-ups”. However, often this isn’t necessary if you keep up with your wellness plan.

Rates:     Initial session (1¼ to 1½ hours) – $90,     Follow-up session (about an hour) – $75.

Gift Certificates are available.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel an appointment, please email or phone at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.


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