IPT Yoga/Body Maintenance Class

breathing6Our human machines require maintenance just like our cars do. The IPT Yoga/ Body Maintenance Class is designed to keep your body out of pain, tuned up and in balance, using very gentle and effective techniques to strengthen, stretch and release the appropriate muscles. It is also the perfect compliment to any IPT treatments you may have received. This class will target your specific imbalances and give you the tools to know which muscles need what to effectively deal with neuromuscular pain. This class is co-taught by Vickie Gillhouse (see the About Me page of this website) and Galen Miller, a yoga instructor who has also trained with Lee Albert in IPT methodology.

Who is this class recommended for? This class has gentle, low impact movements and stretches that are appropriate for all ages and abilities.


Where? Russellville Schoolhouse – 18 Crown Point Road (Please park in the parking lot and along the road, not in front of the horse stalls and paddock.)

Cost/registration? $10/person/class (and a sliding scale for those who cannot afford this) This is a drop-in class. No registration is required.


Wednesday evenings: 5:30pm – 6:45pm

What should I bring?

  • a yoga mat or blanket – for sitting and lying on. The schoolhouse has wood floors (chairs are available for those that cannot easily get up and down from the floor.) Mats and blankets are also available in the class. 
  • a pillow, either full size or smaller – to use as a prop or there are blocks available in the class.

If you would like to be on a mailing list to receive occasional updates on class offerings and schedule changes, please email Vickie at vgillhouse@yahoo.com.